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Cleaner inbox.
Stunningly visual subscription email.
My Blend helps you clean up your email inbox and transforms your newsletters, promotions & blogs into a beautiful magazine. Unsubscribe instantly from unwanted spam emails, and experience your subscription emails in a whole new visual way.
Meet Ted. He's like you.
Here's how My Blend works.
Your Inbox is old & broken. It's designed for personal emails between humans, not the subscription emails you get from brands & publishers.

My Blend focuses only on Subscription emails (like TheSkimm, Nextdraft, J.Crew, Rue La La, OZY, Quartz).

We believe these emails should be consumed like a magazine, not like a spreadsheet.
You know all those subscriptions you don't remember signing up for?

With a simple swipe, unsubscribe from unwanted emails FOR-EH-VER.
Move subscriptions to My Blend
My Blend is more than just Unsubscribe. Keep your Inbox clean while still enjoying the content you love. Move subscription emails to My Blend.

Those emails appear in My Blend and don't clutter up your normal Inbox.

Once in My Blend, those emails are transformed into a magazine.
Discover & Add new subscriptions
Sign up to new subscriptions in Discover without giving that brand your email address.

Remove these subscriptions anytime, worry free.
But wait, there's more...
Galleries, a whole new way to look at email.
An email with many images is turned into a Gallery. It's like an Instagram feed of that email, allowing you to Share, Save & Repost any image.

Gone are the days of forwarding the entire email just to share one image.
Your email is now free to move.
Email is stuck in the past.
To share is to forward & hope it doesn't get ignored. To save is to mark unread &... probably forget to go back.

With My Blend, your emails just got more shareable.
Instead of forwarding email, My Blend lets you share however your want.

Text your friend an image from an email instead of forwarding the whole email. Share to Pinterest or Facebook, right from the subscription email.
When you want to come back to something later, you can save it to your Profile.

And from a gallery, you can save individual items, like a recipe, news story or product.
Found something great like a deal or an amazing article? Share it to the My Blend community with a Repost.

You help decide the best content to be featured in the Discover.
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