Your Discover feed has new content to match your interests. Find something you love and add it to your Blend.
Your Blend starts with your emails. But it get's really interesting when you start exploring the Discover feed.

Discover is where you find new content based on your interests. Articles, blog posts, recipes, products, gift cards and more -- your Discover feed is full of new and interesting finds.

When you find an author or brand you love, tap the '+' to add them to your Blend. You'll receive more of what you love every day.
Setup Discover
Pick your interests and add them to your Discover.
Your Discover feed will be updated frequently with new content for you to browse and add to your Blend.
Subscribe to Feeds
Add feeds to your Blend by tapping the '+' icon in the Discover feed or the 'Subscribe' button in the reader.
Found an author or brand you love? Get more of it every day by adding it to your Blend.

Now new content from that publisher will appear in your Blend.

If you get sick of a feed, just tap the 'X' icon to remove that feed. Don't worry, you can always add it again from Discover.
Send yourself an SMS text to download the app.
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