Organize Your Inbox
Unsubscribe from unwanted emails.
Keep important emails going to your Inbox.
All the fun lifestyle emails go to My Blend.
My Blend is all about creating a fun feed of your lifestyle email.

Promotions, newsletters, blogs, brands you love -- these types of emails are more enjoyable in My Blend.

To help you make the most of your experience with the app and clean up your inbox, we've given you a powerful yet incredibly simple way to clean up your inbox.
Swipe to Organize
With just a few swipes, you can decide how to organize each sender.
When you first use the app and when you organize New Senders, you can swipe to organize.

Swipe-up to Unsubscribe from a sender.
(NOTE: sometimes it takes a few days for the Unsubscribe to process in the sender's system)

Swipe-down-left to keep a sender in your Inbox.
Choose this option for senders you just can't miss, like bills or work related emails. These emails will also appear in My Blend.

Swipe-down-right to move a sender to My Blend.
My Blend is a better way to view and browse emails that are fun and leisurely. It also adds functionality specifically designed for these types of email, such as Reminders.
Organize via a List
The List View can be found by opening the Manage Subscription section of the app.
To open the Manage Subscriptions section, tap the icon in the top right of the main screen (two lines with circles).

From there, you'll see stats on your senders in Blend. Tap one of the icons to see the senders and change where they're going.

If your senders are currently going to Inbox + My Blend and you want them to just appear in My Blend, then you would:
[1] Tap the Inbox + My Blend icon.
[2] Select the senders you want to be moved by tapping the circle next to
their name.
[3] Tap the action you want to perform on those senders.
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